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Our Restaurant

Welcome to Amma Restaurant South Indian & Sri Lankan Restaurant .We wish to make everyone’s dining experience feel like you are eating delicious food at traditional taste of Amma Restaurant. We pride ourselves on serving the most authentic food as possible. Our experienced cooks use only the finest ingredients, with much of it sourced locally, it’s why we go the extra mile to bring you the best dining experience possible. At Amma Restaurant, we want you to have a wonder full dining experience in comfortable relaxed atmosphere where you can receive nothing but the highest quality in customer service as well as greatest tasting food at a reasonable price. We are specialized in Vegetarian & Non vegetarian. We serve fresh and good foods to our customers, and Our Unique Dishes. We also do Takeaway / Parcel services.


“Good cooking is like good painting; it can be tasted, but not explained.”

Here at Restaurant Amma Indian & Srilankan we’re passionate about serving our guests great South Indian & Sri lankan Traditional Food. The restaurant appears to be simple in its impact. Simple, clean and beautiful details the South Indian Culture. But we are using, of course, the most modern kitchen tools and techniques because we are just as critical of the food textures that you are on the Real South Indian & Sri lankan Restaurant.

Our History

We are proud to be the first Exclusive Restaurant for Indian and Srilankan, Started in 1997 at LOURDES, France Rue Basse with 45 seats. Since then, lots of things have changed. But one thing hasn’t – our relentless pursuit of quality and above all, freshness and Quality Food made us to launch our new Branch as Veg & Non-Veg Restraunt with 200 seats in 2010 at 59 Bd de la Grotte, 65100 LOURDES, FRANCE.

Our Team

Our Teams of professional chefs are highly trained and experienced. The food served here is a unique style of serving and eating meals. Our Wait staffs are on hand to serve Foods as quick as possible with quality of service.

Our Key Point To Serve Best Services

We are also known for our quick service to the customers. Our whole team work towards: Taste, Quality food, Quality with Time Management, Hospitality, Cleanliness & Discipline